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Character Animation Services We Offer

Your brand's identity may benefit from a video marketing strategy. With making a brand character you can communicate with your target audience in a creative and empathetic manner. Choose us as your creative design service partner and have access to world-class and professional 2D&3D animations at highly affordable pricing to produce engaging and memorable presentations and animation characters for your business. Animated character design might turn a good idea into something that is instantly appealing. We'll assist you in finding the ideal animated character design for your business videos and branding.

Animation techniques include whiteboard animation, conventional 2D, elegant 3D, CGI, and text and motion graphics etc. Your animated characters will be the focus of attention in almost all of these animation techniques. You need a character that communicates your storey, suits your brand, and connects with your audience. Might seem like a lot for one imaginary person to accomplish, but it's possible if you make certain strategic decisions from the beginning.

Perfect Animated Character Design for Your Company

We begin by considering about who will be approaching your animated character. You want a character that your customers or clients will like. It should match your existing marketing efforts and help to spread your message further. To start your character design process, we are the best character design company in Jaipur.

As a company, your visual identity is the storyline that will effectively communicate with prospective consumers. You can incorporate character in your videos to make them more appealing since it makes the characters more realistic. Character design is the process of incorporating a real-life personality into imaginary characters. The designer also includes physical characteristics, emotions, and gestures that should be able to tell a message to the public. One of the most important aspects is to develop characters that are engaging to the viewers.


Our Character design and development process

To provide our clients with the best possible brand character and ensure that they love it, we use a customised character development process.


Analyze the Preliminary Design

The goal is to create exactly what you want, and in order to do so, we must first understand better regarding your particular requirements and preferences. For that, we'll setup a call with you to get a better understanding of your requirements. Your references and preferences help us in generating a complete understanding of the characters and designs you desire.


Conceptual Design

Our designers will begin by sketching preliminary ideas for your character now that we know what you desire. We'll show you a variety of designs and characters that you can select according on your explanation. You have the option of selecting from a variety of characters, as well as requesting any alterations to the design that you desire.


The Final Sketch

Our designers will work on the final sketching of your character when we've completed all of the revisions. We'll create them performing various movements and emotions so you can get a better understanding of character. For your character, a variety of outlook alternatives will be provided, and you can pick the one you like most.


Final Design

Our designers will begin designing the final character in 2D animation after you finish the sketches. They'll create the character in a 2D animation application, and now it's time to colour him or her. They will assist you in expressing your character's personality to the best of its ability.


Adding Character’s Expressions

The character's expressions are important in connecting with the your audience. We will add various emotions to the character based on a story you want to express through the character. The emotions will enable in expressing the character's feelings to your audience.


Deliver Final Designed Character

The character development procedure is now complete once we've applied the expressions to the character. We'll add the character's emotions, and the character design is now ready to deliver you.

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